Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences

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Dmitry Igorevich Zhukhovitskii

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Chief Researcher of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences (JIHT)



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Institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences JOINT INSTITUTE FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES RAS
(Federal'noe gosudarstvennoe byudzhetnoe uchrezhdenie nauki Ob'edinennyi institut vysokikh temperatur (OIVT RAN))
Izhorskaya 13, Bd. 2, 125412 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 484 2674
Fax: +7 495 485 9922
E-mail: dmr@ihed.ras.ru
WWW: http://oivtran.ru/dmr/

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Current research

Caloric quantities of the dense gases at high temperatures. The structural transition in the metal clusters and the vapor nucleation.

Investigation of the cluster properties in supersaturated vapors at moderate temperatures using molecular dynamics. The structure of a surface with a significant curvature: the density profile, the Tolman length, and other characteristics. Cavities in a bulk liquid.

Equilibrium and dynamic properties of a dust cloud in the radio frequency low-pressure gas discharge.

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Last modified: October 20, 2021